Giving thanks: The Feedback Loop Notebook Project comes full circle

Published on Felt & Wire November, 2010
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When Laura Shore pulled me aside one day back in June to ask me what I thought about doing a “little notebook project,” who could have known what we were getting ourselves into? Over a hundred blog posts, a significant contribution to social change and a beautiful set of notebooks later, we are still in awe of the tremendous support the Feedback Loop Project has received. Today, we’d like to thank all of the people who made this project successful.

To start with, I’d like to personally thank all of the printers who wholeheartedly threw themselves into this project. Let me tell you, their job wasn’t easy. From coordinating paper deliveries (you can’t ship two cartons of paper just anywhere), to working on an extremely tight deadline, to producing works of art in the form of a 6 x 8-in. notebook, they went above and beyond. As with any large scale collaboration, there were snafus in the process: Paper went to the wrong location, e-mails got lost in cyberspace … and a hundred other daily disasters. If you’ve read any of the interviews with the printers over the past couple months, you’ll know each printer experienced a unique set of circumstances.

Did you know Brittany Skwierczynski had to drive five hours to pick up letterpress equipment, and that each of her case-bound books was hand assembled? Or that the notebook from Dock 2 Lettepress went through the press more than 50 times? How about the fact that the back cover of the Flywheel Press notebook is actually painted in chalkboard paint? To all of our printer partners on this project: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We also want to thank the people who helped put the rest of the puzzle together. Our partners Pam Williams, Marylou Domian and the rest of the crew from Williams and House went above and beyond in coordinating the outreach campaign and execution: While it’s nice to think a story like this “just happens” to get picked up by bloggers, we know that’s not the case. Our favorite Kuhntributor Alyson Kuhn, working with the entire Felt & Wire team, made every article about the project truly shine. The gang over at Worldstudio put all the visual pieces together (and learned what coding an fbml page means). And our photographer Rick Siciliano donated several days in the middle of moving his studio to photographing the notebooks. Again, thank you all.

And you, our faithful readers, where would we be without you? Until you came in and bought these wonderful notebooks, this project was just a good idea. With your support the project has become a reality that will benefit School: by Design, a youth mentoring program developed by Design Ignites Change and the Designers Accord.. How can we say thank you enough?

While I hope that someday in the future we have another opportunity to do a project like this, I may take a few day (or weeks, or months) to revel in the success this project has achieved. And the next time Laura has a little project for us to work on, consider me prepared.